Time out

Time really flies.

I obviously did not keep my last year’s resolution to insert photos in my posts. I personally think I won’t be able to keep up with that because I find it too personal. I know, lame.

Anyway, I have been on (read: struggling) rice-free diet. Rice is my staple so it’s really hard to stop consuming it at once. I tried to eat clean, exercise and drink a lot of plain water. Achievement partially unlocked.

I am currently rushing through my assignments but thought I needed a break because I am dozing off. That’s the reason for the title. A-ha, gotcha!


I was reflecting a few moments ago. Why do I want to lose weight in the first place?

Firstly, for my own health. I realise I was getting bigger and heavier. I found some things were hard to do. I was also scared if I would develop poor diet-related diseases. I mean, c’mon, my body is getting older. I can’t afford eating chocolates all day and hope that I’ll get it out the next morning in the toilet. So, to the gym, I went to burn them.

Secondly, and perhaps the most self-conscious reason, to look good. I’m graduating soon and I’ll be attending job interviews (I hope) and the first impression is vital. I want to look presentable in the sense I look healthy, bright and energetic. I looked at the pictures of people going for job interviews. I realised candidates with crispy outfits (not necessarily expensive) and confident tend to secure the job as compared to people who probably paid less attention to their attire.

Thirdly, to stay young. My neighbour’s 70 y/o granny is as strong as a 55 y/o woman. She can walk without the walking stick and dress fine. Her secret: eat right and be active. So, to future older Alya, if you’re still strong at 70, thank me (the younger Alya).

Last but not the least, so I can buy clothes online. I really want to buy clothes from this particular online shop but they don’t have it in my size, or in some cases, I don’t look good in them. Once, I bought a really nice top. Everyone looked dashing in it. When I put it on, I looked like I’m wearing a sack. Funny story, the salesgirl actually said, “What’s wrong with this top” and she kept on adjusting it on me.

Wow, it takes a couple of paragraphs to reach my NY resolution: Live healthily.

Till then, peace be upon you.

p/s: I am still sleepy.

ps: Just checked my last year’s NY post. I wrote on the 6th Jan too, exactly a year ago.

By the way, here are my last year’s resolutions.


Did: 2,3,5,6,7,8,9



Miss Know-it-all

Conclusion: We don’t have to judge everything.

My acquaintance got involved in a cyber feud. Last night, I saw her comments on two strangers’ social media accounts.

There were also times when I heard people talk about things they don’t know. Judging things that aren’t in their field of expertise, in the very first place. I don’t know if they were speaking out of social justice or was it out of their own frustration of not having the same privilege. Either way, what right do they have to talk about others?

It’s different; talking about something that’s in no way related to us and talking about something that actually causes us pain.

It’s also different; publicly humiliating and advising for better cause.

Dumping unwelcoming two-cents on other people’s social media accounts is just immature. There’s this thing called direct/personal message – maybe we could make use of that.

It goes a long way, it’s not only on social media.

Mother Earth

The world is getting older.

The people living in it are getting scarier.

On behalf of mankind, I apologise to you dear polar bears, trees, seas, birds, tigers, cats and the rest of the world, humans too.

I came across a video about wasted polar bear, scavenging the bin for food. It seemed so fragile, thin, weak and almost lifeless. The bear had to drag its limbs in hope to find something to satisfy its hunger, no, not really, it was begging for life. Why do they have to do that when they aren’t supposed to?

On another occasion, I saw a video where people thought it was funny when the cat was running, jumping up and down while a fireman was trying to ‘rescue’ it. There was a person laughing whilst the whole thing happened. Do you not realise the cat was terrified? The cat was running from one end to another and everytime it reached the window, the cat scratched the window so it could get in. But no, these brainless and heartless people were too stupid to see what was happening.

One time, it was all around the internet, the two-legged dog. The owner abusively force-trained the dog to walk on two limbs. Had he gone mad? Had he not learned zoology? Had he not been to the zoo? Had he lost his vision and senses? Where on earth had dogs born to walk on two limbs? Yet, people joyfully cheered and glorified the dog when in fact, the pet was in extremely distressing condition. Try walking with your hands, you bloody moron.

For greed, people do massive deforestation, sell things that aren’t theirs, do things that only reciprocate their own satisfactions and benefits. People are getting disgustingly selfish. Why can’t people get it into their head, this world isn’t theirs alone! We, share the Earth.

The disasters; hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, droughts, wars – they are all because of mankind. Why do you need to leave the jungle naked? Let the trees grow and it will anchor the soil. Why do you need to cause so much carbon emission and lead the climate change? Let the world be and the ice won’t melt. The polar bears will then get its food.

People just don’t get it, or is it just me? There’s always a limit to everything. Yes, we need trees to make papers. Do it accordingly. Yes, we need buildings for people to live and work. Then, build things that people could actually afford, not buildings that will only add up to rich people’s assets.

Human has lost the humanity.

May the world gets better. No; may we learn from the mistakes before its too late.

Till then, may peace be upon you.



When I was little, my family and I used to visit my cousins because we were very close and we’re around the same age. Their family were doing better than us financially so they had things we didn’t. My brothers were excited to visit them because they’ll get to put their hands on the latest toys. Game console was a hype back then.

There was one visit when I was sad and angry at the same time. As per usual, my siblings and I would get into the house and greet my aunt, uncle and cousins. The boys will then rush to play games. I was left with the rest. Then I heard my brothers chattering – where’s the console? I found the game but how can we play? Cousin, can we play your games please?

Then my cousins told me, they actually hid it because they’re scared that my brothers will spoil their toys. Then, I saw my brothers running to the living room and was trying to politely look for it. I knew exactly where they hid it because they told me but I couldn’t tell my brothers. I knew that it’s not ours to begin with, so we have nothing to fight for. If they’re not willing to share, we can absolutely do nothing.

I learned to respect other’s possession, then. I also learned to not ask for things that is not mine. I learned to protect my brothers’. Since then, I told them not to fancy others. We’ll have to work on our own. They did.

We are now at a position where we put our family first. We trust us more than anyone else. We do because we understand that we come first, the rest comes later. We learned who among the bigger family truly care and who didn’t.

Thank you for the wisdom.



Hurm, you know I’m extremely emotional when I write back to back.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

A few months ago, I had a misunderstanding with my friend. It’s all because of a text message. Bear in mind, I have nothing against social media and technology advancements. I find them very helpful to a certain extent. What happened on that day was I read the text in a skewed emotion. I felt as if she was being rude to me. It’s a norm in our culture (me and her) to ask permission before proceeding with something. Needless to say, I was taken aback when she acted differently. I took it to the heart. Things got tad complicated afterwards. Long story short, we confronted each other and the misunderstanding was resolved. Albeit not entirely.

We grow apart. We don’t talk as much, we don’t laugh to each other’s jokes anymore and it takes a lot of effort just to say hi. Funny how things could go wrong with just a text.

What can I say; once it’s done, it’s done. Damage has been done to our friendship. We’re not enemies but we aren’t exactly friends either. We’re more than just acquaintances. So, where do we stand?

To her, I am sorry.

Lesson learned.

Till then, may peace be upon you.


I may not have the purest heart. In fact, I am struggling and I have been reflecting quite a lot these days.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know what you’re doing is wrong but you can’t help it? That is the sort of feelings I have.

I appreciate that everyone is different. We all require different things. The simplest thing; cleanliness. On one extreme, we have people with OCD and on the other end are people whom couldn’t care less. In between those two groups, are the rest of the world.

I, myself, am not an OCD. I took the test and I’m negative. It’s just that I like to have everything clean, ordered, placed properly and essentially, ready for whoever is using next. That’s just common sense, for me.

Our variety in characters are meant to be complemented. People complement each other like a jigsaw puzzle. I might be lacking in one area, so my friends will help me out and I’ll learn from them. Vice versa. Same thing if we’re talking about marriage. Things will only work out if both sides take responsibilities – takes two to tango.


The smallest matter would be disastrous if it’s not tackled. Theoretically, an empty cup is light when we first hold it. What if, we were to hold it for an hour without placing it down. Our arms will grow weaker. It’s not because the cup becomes heavier but because we are starting to lose our strength.

Because I believe in different personalities; I tried not to impose my belief on someone else. There were times when I just had to talk to someone for me to see from another angle.

It’s not easy and I fail to do it over and over again. At least, I tried. It’s hard to have a peace of heart when you consistently question other’s actions. “Why did he do that?”, “Why can’t she do this?”, “Why is it so hard to do this?” – I end up feeling exhausted trying to make sense of the world. In the end, I tell myself to just let it be. It is a heartache, still. Then again, problems aren’t solved that way. So, I braved myself and say it. Only to be answered with nonsense. This is when I know, I have to leave. So, I’m leaving.


Everyone makes mistake.

For that, we’re always sorry.

But some people just don’t.

They either don’t acknowledge their mistake or they do, but don’t intend to improve.

For example, you’re always late to an appointment. You stood the other person up. Or, you say something but end up not doing it or delaying it.

The right thing to do is apologise. What isn’t right is, to keep doing the same mistake.

As I grow up, I learned that, saying you’re sorry is empty words until you prove you’re sorry. You may ask; how? Act like you are.

This is my take. If you’re sorry, that’s saying, you won’t do it again. For all the promises you made, you’re going to keep it. For all the words you say, you’re telling the truth. For all the errors you’ve made, you gonna amend it – at your best.

One of my pet peeves is breaking promises. I’ve experienced it my whole life. These people aren’t worth of my time. You did that twice (I give second chances), I’m done with you. For instance, two people whom had agreed to meet at 2 but one kept on delaying the meeting and in the end, didn’t meet at all – reason being, I didn’t see the time or I’m lazy or I was talking to someone. Nothing important.


Why do these kind of people exist?

I strongly advocate us to respect others; their time, money, effort, feelings, thoughts, etc.

Till then, be respectful.

May peace be upon you.

The Odds

We all have our distinct way of feeling and perceiving something. Education, family background and interests are just some of the factors make up for the difference.

*For the sake of gender neutrality, I am going with masculinity. Oxymoron, but, oh well.

My friend once asked me if he was insensitive to others. At that moment, I remember disagreeing to the statement.

As time went by, I realised that he was neither completely sensitive nor insensitive. There were things he could relate and there were incidents when he couldn’t relate. It took time for me to realise that. Simple, but could change the relationship for a better or worse.

For some, hanging out for hours is energising but not to others. There are times when people love to be with others and there are times they need to be alone. The threshold of how long we can bear socialising differs. This contrast, I believe, dictates our daily life too.

As for me, I like having my friends over. Talk over matters that range from pointless to thought provoking. However, depending on what I have in hand, I’d need time for myself afterwards especially if I’m racing against deadlines or worse, exams.

On the other hand, there’s a friend of mine who just love to be with people and doesn’t find it hard to study in the noise. He could just be in conversation and still get all the information into his head. Naturally, having some me-time isn’t necessary for him.

Hence, if that friend of mine treated me the way he treated himself, I may not be able to comply. Maybe, I’d go against him and we will end up fighting. Vice versa.

So, how do we find the balance? How are we supposed to know what that person likes and dislikes?

I couldn’t give an exact answer but what I usually do is, I read the cues. If that person talks a lot, that means he is engaging in the conversation and is happy to continue. If that person’s attention is deviated to something else, that just indicates he is a gonner – no point holding him back. Cues could be so subtle like in those cases or sometimes, it’s crystal clear. For instance, a person saying “I really enjoy this” or “I don’t think I’m fit for it” or “I need my time” or “This tastes really good”.

Our actions after all the cues reflect ourselves – either an altruistic or straight-up oblivious.

Till then, peace be upon you.



I am mad. Really mad.

I just don’t get it. Why can’t people be more responsible?

From not doing their job to dodging something with the most childish “I don’t know how” reason. Sure, I was born with all these knowledge. That was a sarcasm just in case your brain can’t understand it.

It really gets on my nerves when people blame their nature of being to not do something. Worse, if they refuse to do something just because they have no interest in it. Sure, just do what you gotta do like watching movies or travelling or playing because after all someone else will take care of the issue.

Grow up!

Stop being a jerk. Stop taking what is not yours. Stop blaming others for something they don’t do. Stop throwing false accusations.

Can you please do yourself a favour; have integrity.


Unsung Hero #1

Once upon a time, a mother had to let go of her son, unwillingly. The boy’s sister decided to bring him back home.

That particular day, both his mom and sister placed him in a crate and floated it in the river. The mom went back, no mother in her right mind would do that, but she had too. The area was filled with the emperor’s guards. They were looking for boys – to kill them. Under the emperor’s order, no boys were allowed to live. The emperor was told that there would be a child who’d deny his iron-fist administration. He was scared. As to not entice suspicion, the mother went home.

However, the boy’s sister decided to do the opposite. She wanted to know his brother’s fate and she knew she had to be subtle. She watched her baby brother’s crate with the tail of her eyes. As she started to lose sight of it, she started to walk towards it whilst casually plucking flowers, leaves, fruits and whatever there was along the way. The guards didn’t find it odd. They thought she was finding food for her family when instead she was actually looking after her brother.

The crate reached the emperor’s place. The empress, a woman herself, wanted to keep the child. She succeeded to stop another innocent child from being killed. She then searched for a woman who can feed the child. Women queued in hope they’ll be the one. The empress wasn’t an exception. They all failed to nurse the child.

The child’s sister was at the back of the line. When it was her turn, she made an offer to the empress and emperor. “Would you like for me to show you someone who can care for the baby?”. She didn’t say “a woman who could breastfeed him” because she knew that there would cause unnecessary speculation. So, she asked a highly  reasonable and yet,general question.Both the emperor and empress agreed. So the sister suggested her mom.

The boy was reunited with his mom again.

This is a real life story. It happened thousands of years ago. It’s the story of Prophet Musa a.s. However, this is a chunk of Musa life. (28:11-12) This verse particularly discuss and emphasizes the role of Musa a.s’ sister in ‘returning’ him back to their mother. A story of an unsung hero.

Till then, peace be upon you.