Not Your Typical: Dream

Gloomy weather.

As depressing as my future.

I am starting to question myself for all the decisions I have made and the route I have chosen. Is it worth it?

I am walking to my school, a few more weeks left before I get to wear the graduation robe. Here I am, contemplating my existence.

Not wanting to be disturbed, I wear my newly bought Sony earphones.

Should I try acting? Should I try writing? Should I try singing? Should I try composing?


Should I just stick around with this path? Making friends with the tall cylinders, drinking out of beakers and reek of ethanol.

I look at the road I am taking. It is so straight but at the end of the road, I need to turn right. Should I do the same with my life? After the structured life, should I be making the right turn?



Not Your Typical: Girl


I am unlike other girls. I don’t go into make-up stores to buy some expensive mascara or blusher. I’m not keen on finding a 24-hour lasting foundation. I can’t tell the difference between one eye palette from another.

I am unique.

I am wearing a pair of comfy trousers and black jumper with a pair of shoes. I walk into a bookstore. That is my therapy. Unlike my sisters, I crave for the woody scent coming from the papers. I walk down the aisle and grab a book on a half-price promotion. Before putting it down, I flip the pages and takes in the smell.

I travel deeper into the heart of the bookstore. I climb up the stairs, to the first floor. I walk through one shelve to another, reading the signages and trying to find an attractive book. I climb another floor and reach the top. There, I find more books that suit me but not the one that I want.

So, I descend to the ground floor. Search the book online and place my order. I have another book in my hand. I take my time before making my way to the till. I am contemplating if I should wait longer or if it’s possible to have my order ready by now.

Bracing myself, I ask the staff.

“I have just placed an online order. Do you think it’s possible to have it by now?”

“Can I have your last name, please?”

In the end, I pay for books and I am a happy girl.

Weird, but happy.

Alone, but not lonely.

That’s me. I don’t need a company going to my favourite shop.

Unlike many girls, I give myself the credit I deserve and not wait for someone else to do it for me.

Unlike many girls, I do myself my own favour and not worry others with my problems.

Unlike many girls, I do not dress to impress others, but me.

Unlike many girls, I live for my own life.

Maggie 2

Miss Stewart is rushed to the school infirmary. A stack of thick files fell on her fragile frame. Luckily Miss Stewart is already expecting another staff, Mr Albert. It was Mr Albert who alerted the nurses. As for Mag, she is escorted by a prefect to her room.

The birds are chirping and the fresh smell of freshly mown grass after rain are Mag’s forte. It is a lovely morning in the new environment for Mag. She puts on her khaki pants paired with loose off-white knitted sweater since the weather is quite chilly. It’s almost spring. Mag explores the school compound. Class will only commence in two more days.

The school has three major buildings; the girls’ building on the right side, the academic building is in the middle and the lads’ is on the left. At the centre is the infamous Espionnage square. The students believe that whoever walks across the square would fail their exams – absurd but it helps to keep students from ruining the landscape. There are tulips, roses and peonies planted in the square to form a circle outlining the school initial; AI which stands for Avicennia Institution.

AI is head by Professor Prescott. He is recognised nationwide as a respectable yet humble man who fought for education and thorough human development. Prescott is tall with broad shoulder and decent build. Mag can see him through his window office. Unexpectedly, the Professor turns to his window and notices Mag. He smiles at her and takes a sip of his drink. Then, Professor Prescott returns to his work.

“Blimey! What has got into your head Hannah?! You’re all dirty now! Let’s get back to your room and change. Ughh.” “I’m sorry but I can’t just sit back. I have to help the duckling to be with its moommmm~” Two girls walk pass through Mag in hurry. One of them is covered with mud while the other is fumed with anger. Hannah accidentally bumped into Mag. They both lose their balance and fall on the wet soil.

To be continued…


A 16 years old girl standing at 5 ft. 4 in. with silky straight black hair, brown almond eyes, sharp nose and bow-shaped lips is looking flustered at the corner. She might not be the prettiest but she has decent features and athletic build – minus the extensive muscle bulk and prominent abs. Her name is Mag; Maggie J. William.

“Sweetheart, have you got your keys?” asks Miss Stewart to Mag. Miss Stewart is a late 40s college advisor. She is wearing a cat-eye glasses that suits her oval face. She doesn’t look her age. Miss Stewart’s motherly voice and warm smile relaxes Mag.

“Yes, but I haven’t got a clue where my room is. I missed the tour group and am waiting for the next one” Mag explains herself. “Oh dear, that was the last for today.” Mag is perplexed to hear Miss Stewart’s response. Miss Stewart pauses for a minute and talks to someone on her phone.

“Oohhh… Shame on me. I haven’t introduced myself, have I? I’m Miss Stewart, the students’ advisor and will be taking care of you and your friends throughout your stay here, so that’ll be a brilliant 4 years. Yes?”  Miss Stewart smiles again, flaunting her straight pearly white teeth. “… and what’s your name again, darling?”

“I’m Maggie Williams but you can call me Mag. Nice to meet you Miss Stewart”. “Likewise. Now, I’ll be taking you to your room but would you mind if we stop at my office on our way?” says Miss Stewart; not really looking for Mag’s approval but is just being courteous.



“Have a seat, please. Help yourself with the chocolates!” Miss Stewart bubbly shouts as she walks into another room filled with files. Mag is left alone in Miss Stewart’s office. The office isn’t too big but looks very comfortable and spacious enough for Miss Stewart and a couple of guests. Mag looks into a bowl filled with chocolates; there are Hershey’s, BonBon, Mars, M&M, Cloud9 and Snickers. All of Mag’s favourite. The snacks outpour the bowl  and to Mag least ethical conscience, she starts to take one each. “Well, Miss Stewart wouldn’t notice it because God knows how much she has in this bowl”, Mag trying to wash away her guilt.

While she’s savouring her guilty pleasure, Mag hears a loud crashing sound.

To be continued.

Stop Barking at The Wrong Tree

Sometimes, people are being too selfish.

Coercing others to grant their wish.

Asking an illiterate somebody to read for you.

Asking a child to make adult decision for you.

Asking a car-less somebody to fetch you.

Asking a penniless somebody to work it for you.

Asking a busy somebody to have a chat with you.

Asking a homeless person to shower for you.

Forcing the world to revolve around YOU.

Don’t you know that the Earth revolves around its own axis?

So why can’t you do you; and let us exist?

The same people would preach about somebody else’s lives.

As if they are that somebody’s wives.

They say that bunch has no shame.

Little did they know, they are quite the same.

They say they couldn’t ride public unless it Boeing.

Little did they know, they hurt others feelings.

They say “I want to do it for the people”

Little did they know, they’re illegal.

Don’t come and ask “Is it me?”,

Cause this is read by ‘we’.

Here’s a piece of advice; for free,

Why don’t you bark at the correct tree?

Dear Credence,

Since few years back, I taught myself to read between the lines. Especially, when the words/pictures came from gifted artists. I have been an avid Potterhead since 2002, when I first watched the series. Well, a big part of it was due to the now-aged Mr. Radcliffe and my love for imaginations.

Now that J. K. Rowling wrote the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and unexpectedly t’was made into another sequel, I couldn’t help but to watch it and fall in love once again.

No, I’m not going to review the movie because it won’t do justice to the written piece.  I mean, we gotta admit, screenplay is waaaaayyyy simplified compared to hundreds of pages novel. Aite?


In Fantastic Beast, there’s a character named Credence. He’s a guy who lives with a foster mother and few adopted siblings. He was the oldest of the pack. The mother was scared of wizards and would basically do anything to get rid of them.

For some reasons, he was sought by a transfigured wicked wizard; Grindelwald and was told to do things beyond his comfort zone. Thus, he always got home late and was punished by the mother.

Credence, to me, is a symbol of domestic violence and bullying victim:

He would keep everything to himself, gave his trust to the wrong person and got  betrayed, blamed for things he didn’t do and was taken advantage of. Until one time, he exploded into what they called, “obscurus”- a supressed magical ability that grows to become uncontrollably dangerous.

This to me, dear readers, shows that a quiet person ‘has it all’ too. The ones who people thought didn’t have a voice are actually having bigger voice. The ones who people assumed would not get mad and be okay with just everything we do, are indeed, waiting for the right moments to unleash the inner beast. The ones who have been treated as the sidekicks or extras are in fact, a growing lead players. They are people whose kindness are taken for granted.

People don’t try to acknowledge them because they are not some pathetic attention-seekers or super sensitive spoiled brats- they have what most people are lacking; self-integrity.

We can see this phenomenon in our daily life, at least I do.

As Ellen DeGeneres always say, “be kind to one another. Treat people the way we want to be treated.”

Do yourself a favour, be kind to others. Don’t be extremely self-centred. People’s lives don’t revolve around yours. Give them space to do whatever they want because for goodness sake, they don’t have to disclose everything to you and they do not have to succumb to your needs at all!

Here’s a thing, when you ask for help, you will have to remind yourself that you ought to receive the help or get rejected. If you happened to be denied the help, you should never, ever have any ill-feeling towards the person. And if they are willing to help you,  do not expect too much or start to treat them like some sort of a maid.

I truly belief that the world would be a happier place if everyone knows their boundaries.

Till then, peace!