Free-rider and victim player

I can’t believe that I’d encounter these childish memories again.

The difference is, I stand up for myself now.

I really hate it when there’s a person in my group not doing his/her job. I usually give people chances to prove me wrong. I got really angry when I’m not. Being in a group, regardless for whatever reason or how small the thing is, means that everyone has to play their role. Respond to every questions thrown, get involve in every discussion, complete your task, know your responsibility and all the common sense a cute 5 years old would have understood.

The second type of people which I find utterly, unbelievably rubbish are victim players; the VPs. These type of people are the ones who create the storm and hate the rain. But guess what, you got into your own trap. There’s this person whom I work with. She was nice and friendly. I realised that she was slowly becoming unfaithful with her job. One day, I texted her because she wasn’t being honest with her clock-out time. I asked her if she wrote it wrong and whether she’d like me to help her inform our manager that she had to go home early. She replied yes and so, I helped to inform  about her calamity because we weren’t allowed to leave early without a strong reason. Then, she got mad because I corrected her time-out. I was confused. Can you do the Math for me, please? Of course the manager would realise her incorrectly written time-out since the manager had been informed of her early departure. I just saved her bloody ass and she got mad at me!? Things were left as it is.

Recently, starting from last month, I realised that she’d been cheating her clock-in an clock-out time again. First, it was 30 minutes, it progressively became 3 hours. She dared to text me and A telling that she’s gonna be late and we’re allowed to leave early. Basically, she was trying to claim for the early hours and wanted to be fair. Neither me nor A replied her. Unfortunately, I was working double-shift and couldn’t leave early as she wanted me to and A wasn’t working the said shift. A was working the evening shift. I decided to discuss with A without disclosing her name because I wanted to have a neutral opinion just in case I got carried away by emotions.

A was spot on. I didn’t need to tell her name because guess what, she’s been doing it to everyone and A happened to realise it too. So, we got to a final decision and went to see our manager the next morning.

The manager wasn’t surprised because that girl is known for her troubles. The manager went to talk to her and listen to her part of the story. She was lying here and there, unconsciously setting her own trap. Later, she sent in her resignation text and expressed her ghastly sadness for being ‘backstabbed’.

There were dramas in between. A and I couldn’t be bothered, she was begging for sympathy and making us look bad.

Little did we know, she went to see the vice and told the vice her loop-sided story. She was stern on her decision to quit due to tremendous stress. Naturally, the manager was called in. When things were made clear, she had no one on her side. The manager was indeed pissed off. The manager tried her very best to keep it out from the vice so that the ungrateful child won’t get penalised for I) lying II) unprofessional behaviour and III) breaching the employment contract. Now that this small matter has become big, I doubt she’d feel anymore peace than she was.

Truth is, it’s really annoying to deal with these kind of people. When you try to correct them, they get angry. They want the results but don’t work for it. Let’s face it, people like these are still around. I wonder if there’s a rehab for them.

Readers, regardless of what religion you believe in, there’s this rule where we get what we give. Some call it karma. Be kind to one another.

Till then, may peace be upon you.



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