Trust me, I tried to include a picture but the tech failed me.

Or maybe it’s helping me not to embarrass myself with my crude photography skills.


Who hasn’t been heartbroken? From Timberlake-Spears to Bieber-Gomez to Jolie-Pitt breakups. But I guess the most childish yet realistic heartbreak would be seeing your crush got hitched  by someone else. *laughs-cries-laughs-cries

Here I am, listening to Tat’s – B.O.M.O on repeat trynna make myself feel better.

Wait. Don’t get the wrong idea.

I have many crush-s (???). Never have I intended to come clean or confront because I know it’s all temporary. I’ve had a decade long crush on Daniel Radcliffe and guess what, it’s all history now. Oh, one national athlete was in my crush list for 3 years too but I decided to call it a quit when he got married. Bahahaha. I KNOW RIGHT. *rollseyes.

I don’t think it’s wrong to have hidden feelings for others as long as it doesn’t turn us into perverts (or monsters). However, it does cost us a lot – not wanting to wake up when you dream of your crush, replaying the dream over and over again, making the effort to create a new storyline based on that one dream and here’s the killjoy, knowing that you’d never be together.

So, here’s to those who get me:

We could be so damn good together, but I could do so much better on my own.

I’m better on my own, oh yeahh!

Till then, keep chasing your dream and peace be unto you.


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