Severus Snape

Many of my friends are well-informed that I’m an avid Potterhead. It’s just so hard for me to not like it even after re-running the series a few times.

I’ve to admit that I started watching HP with no expectation. I was 8. But, Daniel Radcliffe was so adorable that I could hardly wait for the new series. The gap period was a torture.

Like everyone else, I age with HP, gracefully I hope.

As I grow, I realised that my perspectives of the series evolved and still are.

Awhile ago, I tried to view the whole series in Snape’s perspective. My job was made easier with Pottermore. It was gobsmacking.

Viewers were surprised with the plot twist towards the end of the series. Snape who was once thought to be the villain was actually an unsung hero. Well, I’d call him stupid for not coming clean with Harry earlier but that won’t make it the HP we know today. Urm well, that also made Harry look bad – ungrateful.

Well, things are like that in real life too. Not appropriately acknowledged for our own work and worse, another person gets all the credit.

I learnt not to be judgemental. It’s hard not to jump into conclusion so quickly. To be able to think rationally and put aside our emotions are not easy but nothing is more ethical than that. We ought to mix our emotions when we decide instantaneously and that’s why first impressions aren’t always right. Ironically, people emphasise on that. Even when you’re out to buy some fancy fish, the fishmonger would unintentionally analyse you from top to toe. We’re living in a judgemental society. Who can we blame?

Bringing it to a different context – racism, phobias, supremacy, etc.

I have seen how people categorise others into whatever that suits them just by a few encounters – not all black people are gangsters, not all muslims are terrorists, not all white are great, not all Asians are “kiasu” (in fact, Asians aren’t just Chinese or Japanese), not all handicaps are disabled. People really need to stop labelling others.

My take home message is, stop judging and start to understand.

Till then, may peace be upon you.


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