Adulthood is really catching up on me.

Today alone, I have to spend 250 bucks to get my keyboard fixed-talking about price hike and deflation.

A new built in keyboard and a lot of money. Doesn’t really suit a student’s pocket but I needed to get it fixed for school. That’s also the reason I’m writing this post- to test the God-knows-why-it’s-so-expensive buttons. So far, I am yet to adjust to its relatively hard and insensitive button. Hope that I could get the hang of it in short while. *err hello Mr Spacebar, why aren’t you making a space like you’re supposed to?!

Anyway, I believe that there could be a better deal somewhere else but I paid the price for being a bimbo who went straightway to just one shop.

It hurts me so much that it costs me my budget for the whole month.

So guys, if you are still a child or under your parents’ care, stop whining on why you’re still using iPhone 5. Money doesn’t come easily. Your parents are NOT your money-making machine. They are only supposed to equip us with the basic necessities. As long as you have a fully function phone, that is more than enough. Desires are devils if they’re not controlled.

Until then, appreciate what you already have. That is a key to happiness.

May peace be upon you.


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