Hard times

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

More often than not, I have a terrible feeling when reminiscing my bad decision a few years ago. I still am facing the consequence. It is sometimes very hard to find the silver linings in it or rather I forget to be thankful with I have become of it.

When I hit rock bottom and reality stroke me, it was never pleasant. I kept comparing myself with others, I kept on thinking of the ‘what ifs’, I blame so many things and people for what had happened. I thought I’ve moved on but really, what is this alien feeling?

Everything happens for a reason. We don’t have to wait for it to make sense to start believing fate.

In hard times, it is only endurable when one has a source of strength. The strength could be anything; God, parents, children, future, promises, purpose of life.

Some people opt to end their precious life. Here is what I have to say.

You may do whatever you want because it is your life. The big question is, “Is it really yours? Did you create it? Was it you who made it?”. To die for a reason that is not worth dying for, what exactly are you trying to show? If it’s to run from a problem, shame or disappointment, is it really worth it?

What will happen to your loved ones? Your family. Your friends. Your cats and dogs and birds and fish and whatever it is you’re keeping as companion. Why would you be so selfish? Why do you have to live in your own bubble that you fail to recognise the beautiful things OUTSIDE of it.

Really, committing suicide isn’t the best solution for anything. There’s always a solution for everything, God wills. We have to believe in the higher power because human is limited in everything. That’s why we were created and not creating.



Adulthood is really catching up on me.

Today alone, I have to spend 250 bucks to get my keyboard fixed-talking about price hike and deflation.

A new built in keyboard and a lot of money. Doesn’t really suit a student’s pocket but I needed to get it fixed for school. That’s also the reason I’m writing this post- to test the God-knows-why-it’s-so-expensive buttons. So far, I am yet to adjust to its relatively hard and insensitive button. Hope that I could get the hang of it in short while. *err hello Mr Spacebar, why aren’t you making a space like you’re supposed to?!

Anyway, I believe that there could be a better deal somewhere else but I paid the price for being a bimbo who went straightway to just one shop.

It hurts me so much that it costs me my budget for the whole month.

So guys, if you are still a child or under your parents’ care, stop whining on why you’re still using iPhone 5. Money doesn’t come easily. Your parents are NOT your money-making machine. They are only supposed to equip us with the basic necessities. As long as you have a fully function phone, that is more than enough. Desires are devils if they’re not controlled.

Until then, appreciate what you already have. That is a key to happiness.

May peace be upon you.