My Life

I never thought that I’d be experiencing K-drama stereotype of college-student-heroine life. Well, of course not the handsome and rich boyfriend part.

If you watch K-drama, then you’d probably notice that the writers (almost) always depict the college-student heroine to have financial struggle. She has to work part time job(s) to cover her expenses and also because she doesn’t want to trouble her family (or the family can’t afford to help). She lives on a tight budget. As a solution, the heroine eats ramyun (instant noodle) as her staple.

I was updating my work schedule, calculating my possible earning, planning when to revise and squeezing in all the deadlines – basically adjusting my schedule and preparing myself. That was when I had a flashback of the dramas I’ve watched. Who knew I’d be able to feel what those fictional characters felt?

I don’t feel bad when I realise that I am different from my peers. Instead, I feel proud of myself. I’m doing things that others will only do in at least 2 years. I’ve grown in that aspect. I hope so.

Working while studying isn’t easy even if you just have to sit behind the counter. Most people don’t get the complete idea of my job scope. They assume I only have to assist students and put the books onto the shelves. Little did they know that assisting students require you to pay attention to the student and leave whatever you’re doing. People don’t come in bulk. They are intermittent. 10 minutes after the first student, the 2nd walks in. Then, when you’re about to read a book, the 3rd comes. Then, 5 minutes later the fourth knocks in.If you’re not patient enough, you’re going to be mad when the 5th student asks for your help.

Secondly, arranging books aren’t simple. There’s code you’d have to follow. Apart from being alphabetically ordered, it has to be the same edition, then, arranged based on its copy number. It becomes tiresome when you thought you’re done but as you walk pass each rack, you find something odd. Bammm! Why does a 616 book sit on a 610 shelve? It becomes more challenging when your partner aren’t as neat as you are. They simply shove the books in and get it done instantly and you on the other side thinking that you’re an old turtle who works very slowly. But the results is obvious. Your side is legit neat!

So far, I am still enjoying my life as a student and a part-time worker. Although sometimes it takes a toll on me but I am teaching myself to look at the bright side. Rather than whining of not having money or worrying that people will look down on me or worse, asking for sympathy, I will work on my own. I thank God for showing me the way. If it wasn’t for Him, I might still be the constantly anxious girl.

“With every hardship, there’s ease”

Till then, may peace be upon you!


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