A review: Goblin

Recently, I’ve finished watching a Korean series i.e. Goblin. Despite finding that some of the scenes were too fictional, I enjoyed watching it.

Perhaps it’s due to me studying human brain at the moment, I find that the writer(s) somehow did some scientific research. This is one of the attributes I admire in Korean entertainment. The information relayed are mostly based on research and not by mere guessing.

There was one episode in Goblin where the heroin lost her memory. She’d cry when it’s raining, she’d subconsciously answer to ‘strangers’, she’d go to places and not feeling estranged, etc. I wonder what was the science behind this.

Apparently, human has two types of memories. Explicit and implicit.

Explicit memories are memories you can convey, recall and explain verbally or in writing.

Implicit memories, however, is the total opposite. Muscle memory is one of it. A dancer could’ve not been dancing for years but she/he could still pull the move albeit being slightly awkward. These are the things which the logic brain could not explain.

I guess that is what happening to in that particular episode of Goblin.

I’ll continue writing soon. Hopefully.

May peace be upon you!


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