Stop Barking at The Wrong Tree

Sometimes, people are being too selfish.

Coercing others to grant their wish.

Asking an illiterate somebody to read for you.

Asking a child to make adult decision for you.

Asking a car-less somebody to fetch you.

Asking a penniless somebody to work it for you.

Asking a busy somebody to have a chat with you.

Asking a homeless person to shower for you.

Forcing the world to revolve around YOU.

Don’t you know that the Earth revolves around its own axis?

So why can’t you do you; and let us exist?

The same people would preach about somebody else’s lives.

As if they are that somebody’s wives.

They say that bunch has no shame.

Little did they know, they are quite the same.

They say they couldn’t ride public unless it Boeing.

Little did they know, they hurt others feelings.

They say “I want to do it for the people”

Little did they know, they’re illegal.

Don’t come and ask “Is it me?”,

Cause this is read by ‘we’.

Here’s a piece of advice; for free,

Why don’t you bark at the correct tree?


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