Curi tulang

Dear my future self,

Today, you witnessed another unethical act. Your shift-partner apparently manipulated the trust your employee gave to him. He came in 43 minutes late but still claim he came on time. Although he was in the compound but he’s not at his workplace. So, that doesn’t count. If that’s legit, then I could be snoring in the rec-room.

Now, he’s making an excuse of having a backache and slumping on the bean bag, next to his sweetheart.

I am mad. But I don’t know how to tell him nicely. That is one thing I have to learn.

Truth is, I have been annoyed by several occasions. He was almost always late for 5 to 15 minutes and I tried to understand him. However, this particular day, I was late by 5 minutes and he started to text me. Well, maybe he’s just reminding.

When we’re working, he always had his girl sitting at the counter as well. So, when there’s a customer, I had to do it most of the time.

Plus, we were reminded that if we inevitably need to discuss, we should be doing it at the social area which is next to the counter. Instead, he chose to discuss at the counter.

Logically, if you need to discuss, wouldn’t it be better to do if before or after your working hours? Why do it whilst working? You aren’t paid for that. If you hate your job so much, quit it. Ironically, he will take up any replacements. I guess, he’s a money-monster.

I plan to text our supervisor. I hate to do it but he needs to be advised.

So, future Alya, don’t make the same mistakes. You have to do your job even if it’s merely sitting behind the counter. That’s what you are paid for.

You shall not mix your personal matter with your work unless you really need to. In other words, be professional.

Till then, may my heart finds peace.


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