A year older

I celebrated my birthday yesterday.

Haha, I find it awkward to just write that but I thought I should write something about it.

Bruno Mars, 24K magic song (put in on play because that’s the theme of my birthday this year)

I didn’t have an extravagant celebration yesterday. It was really a me-time. I had all the time for myself and was able to do whatever I want to.

Having said that, I went to a nearby mall to buy a pencil since exams is around the corner. Things were going fine until fate twisted it into a funny day.

I didn’t find a pencil there, they only sell pens. Well, what do you know, pencils are obsolete now. So, I went home. As I was walking, I heard a ‘pop’ sound and instantly I felt cold liquid running down my leg. I STEPPED ON A PACKAGE OF EXPIRED KETCHUP. It was gross because the air made it sticky. Guess what, I just bathed before I went to the pencil-less mall and now I’ll have to shower again.

So, I went to my room. I search for the key in my pocket but it wasn’t there. Then I started rummaging my school bag, it wasn’t there too. I had to knock on my mate’s door because our rooms are connected at the washing chamber and balcony. Luckily she was in her room.

I had to wash the pants I was wearing. Guess what (again?), the spoiled ketchup had a strong scent. I felt like I was in some roadside stall eating char kuey tiow.

But that was it. No cakes at all but I was happy enjoying some alone time.

Thank you to  those who wished my birthday.

Till then, peace be upon you.



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