Stop Barking at The Wrong Tree

Sometimes, people are being too selfish.

Coercing others to grant their wish.

Asking an illiterate somebody to read for you.

Asking a child to make adult decision for you.

Asking a car-less somebody to fetch you.

Asking a penniless somebody to work it for you.

Asking a busy somebody to have a chat with you.

Asking a homeless person to shower for you.

Forcing the world to revolve around YOU.

Don’t you know that the Earth revolves around its own axis?

So why can’t you do you; and let us exist?

The same people would preach about somebody else’s lives.

As if they are that somebody’s wives.

They say that bunch has no shame.

Little did they know, they are quite the same.

They say they couldn’t ride public unless it Boeing.

Little did they know, they hurt others feelings.

They say “I want to do it for the people”

Little did they know, they’re illegal.

Don’t come and ask “Is it me?”,

Cause this is read by ‘we’.

Here’s a piece of advice; for free,

Why don’t you bark at the correct tree?


Curi tulang

Dear my future self,

Today, you witnessed another unethical act. Your shift-partner apparently manipulated the trust your employee gave to him. He came in 43 minutes late but still claim he came on time. Although he was in the compound but he’s not at his workplace. So, that doesn’t count. If that’s legit, then I could be snoring in the rec-room.

Now, he’s making an excuse of having a backache and slumping on the bean bag, next to his sweetheart.

I am mad. But I don’t know how to tell him nicely. That is one thing I have to learn.

Truth is, I have been annoyed by several occasions. He was almost always late for 5 to 15 minutes and I tried to understand him. However, this particular day, I was late by 5 minutes and he started to text me. Well, maybe he’s just reminding.

When we’re working, he always had his girl sitting at the counter as well. So, when there’s a customer, I had to do it most of the time.

Plus, we were reminded that if we inevitably need to discuss, we should be doing it at the social area which is next to the counter. Instead, he chose to discuss at the counter.

Logically, if you need to discuss, wouldn’t it be better to do if before or after your working hours? Why do it whilst working? You aren’t paid for that. If you hate your job so much, quit it. Ironically, he will take up any replacements. I guess, he’s a money-monster.

I plan to text our supervisor. I hate to do it but he needs to be advised.

So, future Alya, don’t make the same mistakes. You have to do your job even if it’s merely sitting behind the counter. That’s what you are paid for.

You shall not mix your personal matter with your work unless you really need to. In other words, be professional.

Till then, may my heart finds peace.



Image from Google

If you look at the picture, you’d probably more attracted to see the yellow stool. Simply, because it’s the most outstanding and different from the others.

Oxford dictionary: Not the same as another, unlike in nature, novel, distinct.

Some people hate themselves because they think they are unlike the others. They think they couldn’t fit in and will be outcasted for the rest of their lives. Little did they know, they are the sparkles that add up to the norms.

I used to hate my past because that’s not what others have on their CV. I am the only one in the cohort who has this extra thing in my CV. It’s my failure. I hoped to turn back time so that I could make things ‘right’. But, what is right?

Now that I am a more mature and more accepting of what has happened, I see it as a strength. Not everyone experience great failure (but again, it’s subjective). For example, a smart student would have all A’s and never really experience what normal people call failure (which is a FAIL and not a B or C). So, she or he then get to complete school, get a degree and offered a job. It’s pretty straight forward and I have to say, I rather have that journey too.

However, life isn’t always straight forward. We ought to face challenges and for everyone, it’s different. So, we can’t simply say we’re more pitiful than others or our adversity is worse than the others. There is always people who is more unfortunate than us.

Challenges, failures, unwanted events –  they are all there to teach us. Life is a journey to improve ourselves. Don’t be afraid to be different because none is the same. Embrace your so-called dark past or even weirdness. Make peace with them and you will have a happier life, God wills.

But then again, as a person who believes in God, there’s always boundary as to how much we can be different and I believe that, as long as it doesn’t go against His will, it’s fine.

Till then, may peace be upon you.



A year older

I celebrated my birthday yesterday.

Haha, I find it awkward to just write that but I thought I should write something about it.

Bruno Mars, 24K magic song (put in on play because that’s the theme of my birthday this year)

I didn’t have an extravagant celebration yesterday. It was really a me-time. I had all the time for myself and was able to do whatever I want to.

Having said that, I went to a nearby mall to buy a pencil since exams is around the corner. Things were going fine until fate twisted it into a funny day.

I didn’t find a pencil there, they only sell pens. Well, what do you know, pencils are obsolete now. So, I went home. As I was walking, I heard a ‘pop’ sound and instantly I felt cold liquid running down my leg. I STEPPED ON A PACKAGE OF EXPIRED KETCHUP. It was gross because the air made it sticky. Guess what, I just bathed before I went to the pencil-less mall and now I’ll have to shower again.

So, I went to my room. I search for the key in my pocket but it wasn’t there. Then I started rummaging my school bag, it wasn’t there too. I had to knock on my mate’s door because our rooms are connected at the washing chamber and balcony. Luckily she was in her room.

I had to wash the pants I was wearing. Guess what (again?), the spoiled ketchup had a strong scent. I felt like I was in some roadside stall eating char kuey tiow.

But that was it. No cakes at all but I was happy enjoying some alone time.

Thank you to  those who wished my birthday.

Till then, peace be upon you.



I bet 2-inches of my hair that most bloggers would be writing about new year so I thought I shouldn’t miss the train (albeit I’m 5 days late). But, it’s still new, right?

Anyway, I didn’t quite get the fuss with new year celebration when I was younger -mind that I AM STILL YOUNG. Now that I am scared to even tell my age, I tots get why people celebrate new year. Easy! To acknowledge being a year older and to welcome wrinkles and all sorts of scary things. On serious-er note, it’s because of the public holiday.

I do not hate new year but I find it saddening because I am going to leave behind 2016 which I have been religiously writing down for 365 days. There were memories that I cherished and of course, loathed. Either way, they both taught me and I can proudly say, I’ve matured from 2015-Me.

Nonetheless, I really look forward to a better version of me in 2017. Having said that, here’s what I ought myself to do:

  1. Stop wasting time and procrastination no more
  2. Get healthy
  3. Read more
  4. Include pictures in the blog
  5. Be consistent in improving
  6. Be a smart buyer
  7. Be braver
  8. Trust yourself more
  9. Don’t get stuck in the past

Nine is enough at the moment! (It’s a hint for my birthday)

Well, what can I say, gotta walk the talk writing (???)

I wish everyone a happy new year and may all of our rightful-beneficial-2017-and-some-past-years-resolutions become reality this time.

Until then, may peace be upon you!