Fighting stress

Coping with stress at workplace

1. Take a break

Get away from the distressing scene for a while. Have a brisk walk, window shopping or if you’re prohibited from leaving the building, run an errand from another department. Changing the scenery alleviates the tension.

2. Exercise

You could do jumping-jack or resort to unobtrusive method. The easiest, take control of your breathing. Inhale deeply and let out a long exhale.

3. Change tasks

Juggling a few projects at once equals to tremendous pressure. Shift to another project you have under your belt when you find yourselves stuck with the one you’re doing atm. It gives you a clearer mind to come back rather than forcing it all at once.

4. Talk to a friend

Not necessarily to find solution but it’d help to clear the picture. For me, it’s like letting out gas. You gonna feel relieved after doing it (right?).

5. Find your own solution

Some chose to shout at the top of the mountain, some prefer sweating madly. You? You got to find your own way of managing the stress.

Book: Fritz, R. (2008). The power of a positive attitude. New York: American Management Association.