Dear Credence,

Since few years back, I taught myself to read between the lines. Especially, when the words/pictures came from gifted artists. I have been an avid Potterhead since 2002, when I first watched the series. Well, a big part of it was due to the now-aged Mr. Radcliffe and my love for imaginations.

Now that J. K. Rowling wrote the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and unexpectedly t’was made into another sequel, I couldn’t help but to watch it and fall in love once again.

No, I’m not going to review the movie because it won’t do justice to the written piece.  I mean, we gotta admit, screenplay is waaaaayyyy simplified compared to hundreds of pages novel. Aite?


In Fantastic Beast, there’s a character named Credence. He’s a guy who lives with a foster mother and few adopted siblings. He was the oldest of the pack. The mother was scared of wizards and would basically do anything to get rid of them.

For some reasons, he was sought by a transfigured wicked wizard; Grindelwald and was told to do things beyond his comfort zone. Thus, he always got home late and was punished by the mother.

Credence, to me, is a symbol of domestic violence and bullying victim:

He would keep everything to himself, gave his trust to the wrong person and got  betrayed, blamed for things he didn’t do and was taken advantage of. Until one time, he exploded into what they called, “obscurus”- a supressed magical ability that grows to become uncontrollably dangerous.

This to me, dear readers, shows that a quiet person ‘has it all’ too. The ones who people thought didn’t have a voice are actually having bigger voice. The ones who people assumed would not get mad and be okay with just everything we do, are indeed, waiting for the right moments to unleash the inner beast. The ones who have been treated as the sidekicks or extras are in fact, a growing lead players. They are people whose kindness are taken for granted.

People don’t try to acknowledge them because they are not some pathetic attention-seekers or super sensitive spoiled brats- they have what most people are lacking; self-integrity.

We can see this phenomenon in our daily life, at least I do.

As Ellen DeGeneres always say, “be kind to one another. Treat people the way we want to be treated.”

Do yourself a favour, be kind to others. Don’t be extremely self-centred. People’s lives don’t revolve around yours. Give them space to do whatever they want because for goodness sake, they don’t have to disclose everything to you and they do not have to succumb to your needs at all!

Here’s a thing, when you ask for help, you will have to remind yourself that you ought to receive the help or get rejected. If you happened to be denied the help, you should never, ever have any ill-feeling towards the person. And if they are willing to help you,  do not expect too much or start to treat them like some sort of a maid.

I truly belief that the world would be a happier place if everyone knows their boundaries.

Till then, peace!



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