What has tech done to us?

I am far than a pessimist conventionalist nor did I just evolved from cave-man era.

But, it stroke me this morning after watching a clip on translating-earpiece which aims to break language barrier. You just have to plug the tiny machine into you ear and connect it with smartphone apps. Then, you can speak with anyone who doesn’t speak the languages you know because the tech will do the job for you.

Of course! It’s a great invention. I’d buy it too if it cost me pennies and not a fortune. Then I can, you know, find some dashing Koreans or Russians and start a conversation. *yeah right!

However, from a different perspective, what is the tech actually doing to us?

I think, it promotes indolence to learn. Well, I’m not implying it to EVERYONE but to some who -by nature- is lazy.

I believe that there’s a difference between real conversation with learned language and kinda-real conversation with translation apps. Try translate, “saya minta diri dulu” and soon you’ll see Mr. G got it wrong. It was just a direct translation word for word.

Badenegen (read: but then again), inventors could have overcome this issue and here I am writing this down because I’m too overwhelmed with my assignments.

Okay peeps, that’s reality hitting me. Gotta finish it, now.

Until then, peace be upon you!


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