Lead; not boss

It’s never been easy to become the head.

There’d be people who would agree, some who don’t, some who pretend to agree and some who just don’t care. How do you find balance and call a decision which benefits most, if not all.

Truth is. I don’t know either.

It’s even harder in countries where hierarchy is tensed. Newcomers aren’t allowed to talk back or even throw in suggestions because, well, you’re NEW. You don’t know as much as the veterans do. But them, on the other hand, have all the rights to criticize and tell you off. Just because, they can. Who’re you to question?

As much as I like the multiracial community and reportedly harmonious relationship between us, I seek to improve the conventional way of working.

As a person, I really emphasize mutual respect. Respect knows no boundary. Regardless of your age, skin , language, religion, you-name-it, we’ll still have to respect everyone (in fact, every creature) we meet. Even to ex-convict;  who are we to say bad things about them. They have been sentenced and hopefully received their penalty accordingly and we have no rights to judge.

I had to preside an organization. Which means I have to work with the team. I’d discuss with the high committee before passing down the information. Well, discussion is an active process where it’s expected that everyone would participate. Somehow, in some cases, they just don’t bother to give opinions or at least say yes/no. It got me thinking, how is it going to be if this person head for a working life later.

More than that, I wonder how would a great leader solve this kind of problem. I hate to coerce things. I’d like it to be a voluntary action. So that, if it benefits, everyone will find pride for things that they do and acknowledge it as a fun experience. Or, if it fails, everyone will still be able to cherish the moments and learn from the mistakes instead of blaming one another. Isn’t it healthier to work that way rather than going around and making a big fuss out of it?

Perhaps, this is something that we need to learn. To find joy and be responsible in everything that we do. After all, I do believe that happiness is an inside job. It’s an inner strength which will shine those who managed to find it.

Till then, see ya!


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