Go fit, now!

I had a nervous breakdown (am still whilst writing).

This week is a “Health & Safety week” in my uni. So, I went for my FIRST ever blood donation. It was a quick process. Prolly only 15-20 minutes and I gave away 450 ml of my blood. I hope whoever gets it will recover soon cause the blood came from a strong vein (although ’twas hard to find at first). I didn’t say it but the nurse did. So, yeah.

Move on.

Then, I went to check my body fat percentage. As much as I’m happy that I lost 7 kilo from the long summer break, I was still unfit. My body fat percentage was obese and my body biological age is FORTY-TWO. That is almost TWICE my age.


All of the sports I played aren’t enough to make me healthy. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t constant in exercising. Friday to Tuesday, I don’t do any sports unless I get extra motivated, I’ll hit the jogging track. My active days will only start on Wednesday. But, that’s about it!

Man… Alya, you gotta keep up, girl!

Just to remind myself, and everyone who might be reading this. The aim is to be FIT, not just to cut down your size. It’ll come to you naturally if your aim is to live healthy.

I should be following Dr. Pam. She’s a health-enthusiast.

Till then. Peace be upon you.