My firsts at 20s

Hi everyone!

Kids aren’t the only ones experiencing their firsts. First time walking, first time eating solid food, first time seeing the colourful street lights.

I had mine too.

I started my first day at work on late July.

I received my first ever paycheck.

Then I went to my first ever friend’s wedding.

Though it wasn’t such a big deal but I have pride on each of them. I knew that I’ve hit another milestone. It was fun to be able to experience all of these normal stuff.

I wonder how kids feel when they see everything for the first time. How would a deaf person react on his/her first day hearing things? What would a blind person do when he/she can see for the first time?

There are things which we take for granted. Things that are only imaginable to some. To be contented with what we have will attract happiness. To strive for more is bravery. There should be a balance between being content and working for more.

Until then, see you next time.