I like to read and hear other people’s story. It’s to no surprise that I can spend a few hours reading blog after blog.

I feel as if their life is painted with beautiful colours. It’s as if they face no difficulty and they are always enjoying themselves. I started to compare theirs with mine. I wasn’t contented with what I have.

That is probably one of the biggest mistake a man could do.

I soon learnt that, we live our life differently. She might be okay on one side, but that doesn’t guarantee that she’s fine with the others. Likewise, I may not have what she has, but there are things that I shouldn’t take for granted.

So, chill and enjoy your life.

We are placed exactly where we ought to be. We have to appreciate it and make the best out of it.

Until then, may peace be upon  you.

p/s: I’m done with exams!


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