Nope. It does not stand for sino atrial node.

“Senior Appreciation Night”

It was held a while ago. Me and another friend came up with the idea to celebrate all the seniors before their final exam. We asked another pal to join. So, there were three of us planning the event.

The night was beautiful!

I like the deco and I was so glad that the celebrated seniors were happy. I mean, that’s the whole point of organising SAN.

We only invited a dozen of them. Those who are close and dear to us. Most of them are netballers. The rest are the beautiful souls who reached out for us when we were just a baby in the university. In short, all of them touched us in different ways.

As for food, we had chicken rice and cakes. Initially, we were too ambitious and wanted to cook on our own. But, due to time constraint and laziness, we never did. Hence, we ordered food enough for all of us. Then, we make our own syrup drink.

Trying to be creative, we went to the bookstore and bought colour papers for decoration. It then brought us to make “soft pink and baby blue” as the theme colour. When we wanted to buy balloons, we had one of the seniors in the car. We had no other time to go, so we just went to the shop and bought the balloons. The senior stayed in the car, of course.

During the long awaited day, we had dramas too.

  • Forgetting to buy ice cubes: In the end, had to ask the same senior (balloon incident) to buy it for us.
  • Dumbfounded by the far-from-expectation hall: It was equipped with carpet, too big to handle and it had a lot of chairs. It was a seminar hall. Luckily, there are big tables to serve the food and a foldable divider to make the room smaller.
  • Technical difficulties: We borrowed the LCD projector from a friend. We were confident that it was easy to work with. However, the moment we test it (luckily we did), the volume blast of the whole building. I was so scared and ashamed. We were finding the volume button but to no avail. After 30 minutes of breaking sweat and silently swearing the foolishness, I found the remote control in the bag. WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF IT EARLIER? So, I saved the day. Sort of.
  • Inadequate prep time: … and having the seniors to wait in another hall. This was a major mistake. They came earlier and we were busy finding the volume key and trying to master the light switches. Yep, there were a number of switches. However,  God helped us. One of them had a flat tyre and thus had to fix it. The rest of them wanted to wait. So, we were given more than enough time. Phew!
  • Melting ice: Why? Why? Why? It was spilling over the carpet and we had no container to put the ice. Oh Lord. I wanted to cry. Apparently, there was no clever solution to it. We just put in on top of dishes and hoping we could curb some of the water from wetting the carpet.

 Amid all the lacking, the seniors were so kind to understand and still be happy with our effort.

  1. The guests entered the dark room (not dimmed because we didn’t manage to master the switches and there was no dimmer switch/panel) accompanied by a video of their individual photos. The intention was to let them know that we personally invited each one of them and we know everyone of them. They had to find their seats too. They were so pretty in their blue and pink clothes.
  2. We had a short speech from the organizer. I wasn’t the one giving the speech. It was the MC who gave it. She was the jack of all trade that night.
  3. We had some prayer recital – by me. The initially proposed person backed out and the seniors were starting to have awkward moments. So, I jumped in to save the day. Again. LOL.
  4. They were like kids. Thrilled to see the decorations, food and whatever little things we had in the room. They started taking pictures at the self-made photo booth. Some of them was so happy to have balloons with their own names. I guess, it’s the thought that really matter to them. I was happy to see them happy.
  5. And then, it was time for prayer – Maghrib and solat hajat.
  6. After that, it’s dinner time. Instead of eating graciously on the chair, the seniors wanted to eat on the floor and in a circle. They wanted it to be more homey. So, we did. We chatted, talked and joked. It was more like a sisters’ time rather than a celebration for them.
  7. We had cakes while watching another self-made video. The video was intended as a “down to memory lane” and motivational. My friends tried hard to find pictures of the seniors when they were freshman and pictures of them together. It was hard. I on the other hand was trying hard to make the video. Included in the video was speeches from everyone. From students to janitors. We had it all in. We didn’t manage to squeeze ours in because we were too busy.
  8. In order to make up for our speech, we gave one after the video ended. It was ad hoc.
  9. I planned to end the night there but we had a heart-to-heart speech/talk session afterwards. Each one of us briefed on our feelings to the others. It was a moment when everyone cried. We realized that we were more than just acquaintances. We were sisters.
  10. The end.

It was my first time organising this sort of mini party. I find that I haven’t been doing much as a university student. Although it was hard and tedious, but the feeling of watching their happy faces was so rewarding. I won’t be seeing them on campus anymore but I’ll cherish all the good times we had. To the seniors, I thank you all for being such an amazing sisters.





I like to read and hear other people’s story. It’s to no surprise that I can spend a few hours reading blog after blog.

I feel as if their life is painted with beautiful colours. It’s as if they face no difficulty and they are always enjoying themselves. I started to compare theirs with mine. I wasn’t contented with what I have.

That is probably one of the biggest mistake a man could do.

I soon learnt that, we live our life differently. She might be okay on one side, but that doesn’t guarantee that she’s fine with the others. Likewise, I may not have what she has, but there are things that I shouldn’t take for granted.

So, chill and enjoy your life.

We are placed exactly where we ought to be. We have to appreciate it and make the best out of it.

Until then, may peace be upon  you.

p/s: I’m done with exams!