Outrageous. Hot tempered. Fast. Impatient.

These are some of the qualities highly associated with youngsters.

I was in school campus and doing my work. Never had I expected that someone would become a celebrity instantly due to messiness.

I had seen this young pal literally living his life in the campus. I suppose, to revise for final. Foods, notes, mug and bag are on the table. Making it an eye sore for most people. Plus, it was rather selfish.

This evening, the librarian, precisely the IT manager took a picture of the infamous table. It looked worse in the photo. So I had to go and see it myself. Well, partly because I needed to print something.

I had mixed feeling.

The poor soul was busy cleaning up the mess. He looked humiliated and betrayed. I was incredibly surprised to see him holding a foldable mattress. I meant, whoa! Where’d he sleep?

Then, the student came to me and suspected that someone must’ve lodge a report. Any normal human being would’ve realised that there are CCTVs watching us in the computer lab. Plus, the librarians and IT technicians are taking turns supervising the room. They’ve sent plenty of emails reminding students not to bring foods and drinks or hold the computer more than 15 minutes when not in used. That is pure common sense. But the student, on the other hand, blame another person.

I told him that there are cameras watching us and it didn’t take much for the librarians or IT technicians to realise the mess. But he denied me and was firm with the thought of being sabotaged. At the end of our conversation, the student ended it with saying it was a f-word up situation.

I bet he was overwhelmed with the instant popularity. I guess being young isn’t cool in that sense. It’s hard to admit our mistakes and we tend to jump into conclusion without having a second thought.

I learnt that it’s easy to loose our judgement when we’re angry and it’s a shame because we don’t realise that it’s us who are guilty.

Until then, may peace be upon you.



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