I went to hike, again.

The last time I went hiking was couple of years ago. It wasn’t that high though but it was a good experience for a beginner. But I learnt to hate it because I didn’t like the itchy-tingling sensation whilst going down the altitude. Some said it’s my fat burning but I doubt that.

This time, it’s a different story.

It just felt right to hike after 2 days without exercising. I was not disappointed in that sense. I went there with 4 other friends and the journey to the place itself is almost an hour. Then, we spent another hour and a half to reach the peak. Some of the path is very steep that I felt like giving up but not wanting to be a quitter, I curse my body for being so weak and I ended up reaching the peak. Yeay (?!!)

So, here are a few tips for a beginner, cause I am too.

1. Start early.

Especially if you aim to watch the sunrise. My friends and I started the activity quite late but we still managed to see the sunrise-if seeing it while we’re walking counts. Plus, when you go early in the morning, you’ll feel less tired cause you don’t have to deal with heat from the sun so much. Even if you do, it’s the beneficial natural vitamin D tanning treatment.

2. The lighter, the better.

Some experienced hiker, they don’t bring anything with them. They either jog or cycle, uphill. Which is insane.

But for a beginner, it’s of your best interest to bring water bottle and maybe a small packet of biscuit or energy bar. Trust me, you’re gonna get hungry once you reach the top. I did.

But that is all. Don’t bring extra load because you’d struggle to carry your own weight.

Luckily for us, there’s a guy in our group who had the experience and strength to carry our food. Which brings me to the next point.

3. Don’t go solo.

Unless you’re good at managing yourself and whatever it takes go alone, then skip this point.

Bring your friends together. They’ll help to keep you moving when you feel like quitting. They are there for a reason. I felt extremely exhausted and my steps were so small that I could stop anytime but then, my friend kept on saying, “We’re almost there! Just one more turn.” Yeah, he said that like 10 times and we reach the peak at his 11th time saying it. I was lied 10 times. Excluding lies given by some passersby.

“Uncle, how much longer is the trail?”

“Oh, not much. Another 1.6km to go”

“Uncle, is this it?”

“No child, go a bit higher.”

“(monologue) Nvm, I’ll just keep walking until I see it myself.”

By the way, uncle is just someone who looks like he’s at my father’s age or older. Not related by  blood and it’s a norm from where I come from.

4. Prepare yourself.

Out of the 4 points, this point deserves a detailed attention.

If you have never tried hiking, I’d suggest you try jogging first. If you can keep going at 20 minutes or more, then you’re in for hiking. If not, you’d prolly be a heartache to your mates because you’re gonna annoy them with your question, “Are we there yet?”.

Most importantly, the prep is for your own good. Get ’em muscles some preview of what’s going to happen over the weekend. This way, you can prevent muscle injury. Prepare your heart to pump more blood at once so you won’t faint somewhere in the nature.

Sleep well the night before. Forget late night movies. Give your body an adequate rest for next day hard work. Trust me, it laborious.

Well, basically those are it. Some tips from a newbie.

I feel like it’s a good activity for both body and mind. Your body becomes healthier, due to exercise and unpolluted air breathed in; and your mind becomes stronger because hiking requires mental strength, apart from physical strength, to keep you moving.

Until then, may peace be upon you.


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