How much does a relationship worth?

Some are so valuable that they are priceless. These are the relationships we treasure all our life.

On the other hand, there are some which we hope we never have.

Throughout my years in school and university, I’ve experienced both. I’d say that I am loyal to those who treat me well and those who are close to me. But somehow, I was in a relationship where the other is dominant. The friendship was great but at the same time, it was suffocating. It took me a while to realize and have the courage to stand up for myself.

Being younger than my friend was a disadvantage as she knew more than I do. We went to the same educational institution. Hence, she knew the tricks and hacks in the school. I didn’t go to the orientation as she provided me with enough (perhaps more) information. I appreciate her help and was touched by her hospitality. So, we became closer. Closer than any other friend I’ve ever met.

As time passed on, I started to feel uncomfortable. She was starting to control me. I had to report to her on daily basis. I had to text her everyday or else, we’d fight. Which I found to be very childish. I have another close friend and it wasn’t like that with her – we were just there if we ever needed a friend, respect each other’s privacy and we weren’t trying to own one another.

But, I hold it in.

There were times when I tried to speak up for myself. We ended up fighting. Every time we quarreled, I would end up losing and apologizing. Then, I know that this friendship is not going to work until we appreciate mutual respect and understanding. Still, I sucked it in. I feel so pathetic.

For the first time in my life, I discussed friendship-related problem with my parent. This shows how intense it was.

One day, I decided to just let it go. I didn’t want to fight a losing battle anymore. It was when she gave me a cold treatment when I was innocent. Sparing the friendship from unnecessary fight, I offered my apology first and wanted to discuss if ever I did anything wrong. She, on the other hand, was plainly obnoxious. I asked other people if she ever talked about this. True enough, it wasn’t my fault. That is when I decided to call it off.

I wasn’t calling the friendship off but I was calling the bullying off. I didn’t know that it was a form of bully. Though she never hit me, but she was (indirectly) mentally and emotionally abusing me. I still smile when I see her; as an act of courtesy and wishing her well.

Regardless of who we are to each other, there’s no point of wishing bad for the other. After all, she has been a good friend of mine.

People come and go. There’ll be an end to every relationship. No matter how good or bad it was, always pray for the best. If you are in this kind of situation, be brave. Appreciate people around you.

Till then, may peace be upon you.



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