It took me a few seconds to think of a nice greeting. Soon to realise that I’m a Muslim which means giving salam is the most appropriate thing to do.


I’ve been having issues with myself. It’s either a growing up thingy or it’s just a short-lived hobby. Albeit the reality having to study and revise, I kept on investing my time scrolling down Pinterest or watching YouTube. I’d be watching home makeover, cooking channel and to my surprise, make-up tutorial. Why do I surprise myself? Simple, I don’t do makeup.

What I’m studying now is a total opposite to things that I enjoy watching/browsing. I enjoy both sides although they are of two different extremes. Haha, politically correct! I guess  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were like that too.

I wanted to do so much. I’ve been wanting to go home to cook so many dishes and reorganise the house. I even asked my sister to snap photos of the bedroom so that I can plan the ID. Awesome!

But the thing is, I haven’t succeeded in doing it once. I’d be a mashed-potato couch once I reach home. After all, home sweet home. Who would sweat when they’re having such a sweet, distressful time? I know I am very least likely to do it. Unless my parents call me to it. Trying to be a good daughter, aite.

I gotta get my priority set. Just a few more weeks to summer holidays. You can do this!

By the way, appreciate it if you guys can pray for my success.

Until then, may peace be upon you.


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