Y’now the feeling when people start scanning you as if you’re ain’t wearing a thang? I hate it!

For some reasons, I feel that I was that kind of person. I’d scrutinize every person who walked pass me. I had been warned so many times not to do it. I blame the unconscious mind for that. Little that I know, it became an unwelcomed habit. There was a time when I enjoyed the luxury of judging others. I would observe every little thing that the target does, the way he/she socialize, what clothes s/he’s wearing, etc. From all the observations made, I’d be Sherlock Holmes and pretending to know the person’s life.

But then, as I grow up, I started to understand that making assumptions of other people is not right. I do not want it to happen to me, and for that reason, I mustn’t do it to others. This brought me to a particular issue.

Public humiliation.

There’d be people who doesn’t agree with us. But that doesn’t give us the right to belittle them publicly. To top it off, people are spreading it in the social media. For some reasons, the smartphones have outright the smart people.

Personally, I would suggest a different approach. If there’s anything that seems odd, consult personally. Bashing them in the comment section would less likely to work. They’d probably have their reasons. Although what they did is obviously wrong, we should still talk it through.

For example, would you still punish a child who steal a 50 cents bread for his dying grandmom? A child who has nobody and know nothing but to safe his granny. Things could be worked out, this problem could be solved in many ways but punishing.

All in all, there’s no space for judgemental people in this society. We need to learn mutual respect. Spare sometime to understand others and stop jumping into conclusion. Narrow-mindedness would only offer disputes.

Till then, may peace be upon you.



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