Growing Up!

“Dude, that’s ridiculous.”

I didn’t understand, then, what it means to be an adult. Adults were complaining of so many things; the bills, the education, the healthcare. As a child, I find that being an adult is more fascinating. We can do all we want and we can have our own money. Buy our own car and live in our own house.

Basically, it is rather true given the fact that you have all the money you need. Which on the other hand, is not true for most people.

I hated growing older when I was 15 or 16. Yep! I am that weird kid. I didn’t like the fact that I am about to leave school and go to college or university. I remembered reading an article mentioning age 15, I felt old.

Perhaps, I didn’t enjoy leaving my parents and home. I value freedom as much as anyone else. I’d love to hang out with friends and do stuff on my own without being strictly supervised. So, I give it a thought. Why do I hate getting older?

First of all, I feel uncomfortable knowing that my parents are aging as I am getting older. C’est la vie! It is just me. I’ve seen so many people incapable of managing themselves at the age of 70 which is quite rare, I guess, in some other countries. I want my parents to be able to care for themselves even when they are 90. It isn’t for my own pleasure but rather, it is for them. I’d like them to enjoy themselves because they rarely get the chance to do it whilst they were younger.

Secondly, the burden of taking responsibility. This is quite childish, I know. The mandatory part of being an adult is to take into account views from different angles. It is difficult to just focus on one thing when deciding. More often than not, we would have to weight the pros and cons. We are at no expense to “just do it” because we know that there’ll be a consequence. If things go well, it is at our odds. However, if things go wrong, fiuhh, we probably have to be in constant detention class. If you know what I mean. There’s no turning back. Once you do it, it’s done. The past is in the past.

Nevertheless, there’s always a bright side to it. Getting older means that you become wiser, relatively. As we live our day, we get to learn new things. With every experience, there’s a lesson. Always look on the bright side because the past can only be either a motivator or a determent.  We, as adult, has the right to choose.

“To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.”

Imam al-Ghazali

Until then, may peace be upon you.


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